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The Ratchet Lashing system is used for securing cargo while transporting, shifting or storage. It is a modern, light weight and thoroughly reliable method of securing all types of load across an entire spectrum of requirements. It offers significant advantages over any other securing system.

Ratchet Lashing is a Reusable, Cost effective tie-down using polyester webbing & Ratchet Buckle and has replaced ropes, chains and wires used for transportation.. The Ratchet Buckle provides the tensioning force. The tension is uniform and locking mechanism ensures that the tension is retained till it is unlocked.

This Ensures complete locking of strap in position and also provides unlocking mechanism which is safe and fast. Polyester Webbing has the least of elongation (less than 7 %) and is soft and safe to use.

Advantages of Webbing Lashing Systems

  • All lashings are individually and uniquely numbered for traceability and safety.
  • High Tenacity Polyester webbing has a high resistance to abrasion – much higher than its polypropylene / Nylon equivalent.                                   
  • Webbing does not weaken with age.
  • Ability to absorb shocks.
  • No hidden corrosion – can be easily checked by eye for damage.
  • Less risk of damage to the load or to painted/Coated surfaces.
  • Supple – can adapt to fit the load easily thereby reducing the chances of damage.
  • Easy and quick to use, saving time and thus saving costs.

Care and Use of Webbing Lashings:

  • Only use webbing lashings manufactured to EN 12195-2:2001
  • Only use lashings which are clearly marked with a rated assembly strength and minimum break strength.
  • Regularly check the system for cuts and frays in the webbing.
  • Never use a bar or lever to tighten the ratchet tensioner.
  • Protect the system from sharp edges.
  • Keep away from alkalis and strong acids.
  • Do not use for lifting.
  • Do not tie knots in the webbing to shorten it.
  • When the tensioner is a ratchet, ensure that there have been at least 2 complete turns of the spreader bars after threading.

How to Order Lashings & Lashing Safety
Having first selected the appropriate Minimum Break Strength, the lashing format must next be considered. Here, there are two options:Two-Part or Endless, with the possibility to specify the fixed and overall lengths of a Two-Part Lashing or the overall length of an Endless Lashing.

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